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For the beginner rider or someone who just likes to take a leisurely
stroll, there are US Forest Service Roads all throughout.  These roads
provide a quiet ride through the mountain where you may see an
abundance of local wildlife.

Many of these roads are excellent for horse buggies and wagons, and
you can ride comfortably for several miles!
This old logging road leads right to South Holston Lake, a nice
short ride for an afternoon swim for you and your horse.
US Forest Service Roads
Morrell Trail
This is the closest thing you'll find east of the Mississippi to a
rocky mountain trail.  Meandering, steep, and rocky at times,
this trail climbs to an elevation of over 5000ft.  At the top you'll
find a spectacular view
of Holston Lake, seeing
all the way to Virginia,
North Carolina and even
Kentucky on a clear day.  
It is truly breathtaking.
This trail is not for everyone.  Please understand that
when you ride these trails, you do so
at your own risk.
(one of the many views from the top!)
Laurel Fork
Flatwoods Trail
This trail is somewhat rocky and can be narrow at times.  
However it has no steep grades and links onto Big Creek Road
and other US Forest Service Roads.  A beginner to
intermediate rider would enjoy this trail, and the more
advanced rider can  jump on the Morrell Trail from here.  
Unmarked/Miscellaneous Trails
Some of the best riding in this area is on all the unmarked
trails everywhere ... from here to Taylor's Ridge, to the top of
Holston Mountain, and down to the lake at the bottom.  You
Other Popular Trails include Rye Patch Trail, Dug Road Trail,
Low Gap  Trail
can even ride your
horse all the way to the
Blue Hole.  There are    
large loops which can
take days to traverse,
and short loops you can
do in an hour
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